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This program helps you find dead (unused) code. It does so by starting with some basic assumptions about what program code is called by libraries that your program uses, and then reads the program .class files to see what other methods they call. The analysis is at the method level, and identifies classes and methods that will never be called (and so can be removed). The idea is to simplify the support of a program, by reducing the amount of code that must be maintained, by removing code that is never used.

The release notes for this release may be found here.

This program works on the class files of a program. Source code is not required to use JTombstone, and no particular Java compiler options are required.

This project used the Cpen Source JDepend project as a starting point, and uses a number of Open Source libraries. See the Dependencies page for further details.

If you have success with JTombstone, please share your story on the JTombstone forum. If you need help with JTombstone, please fill out a support request.

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