JTombstone Software Dependencies

The table below shows the software used to develop JTombstone. Open source licenses are as shown below. JTombstone-license.txt contains the JTombstone license.

Software Version License Comment
Sun JVM 1.4 or later -  
JDepend - JDepend-license.txt Used as basis for JTombstone
Castor 0.9.6 castor-license.txt XML input and output
Xerces-J 2.7.1 LICENSE-2.0.html  
log4j 1.2.9 log4j-license.txt Configurable logging
commons-logging 1.0.4 commons-logging.txt Logging interface used by Castor (and the Jakarta project).
JUnit 3.8.1 junit-license.html Testing only - automated test software.

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